Small Space Garden Renovation, Northcote

Small Space Garden RenovationSmall Space Garden Renovation 1Small Space Garden Renovation 2Small Space Garden Renovation 4

A tiny space that underwent a full renovation, Nick’s speciality in small footprint designs was in full use on this project. The design was conceived by landscape architect, Caroline from Greenbits in Prahran with the brief requiring a space for outdoor entertainment and a cat run for two prized cats. The project uses hardwood floating timber seating with the cat run underneath, and two access points.

The steel mesh was planted with climbing jasmine and hung with terracotta pots planted with sedums, an easy-growing, drought tolerant, flowering groundcover that will eventually spill vertically down the mesh.

The pavers come from Pyrenees Quarries in Castlemaine. They are a hard-wearing black slate with plenty of beautiful, natural, rust-coloured tones.

Overhead lighting in the BBQ seating area was installed, combined with in-ground lights that create moving silhouettes at night.

This project was completed by Nick and two assistants, Matt and Naomi.