Escape ordinary and bland backyards forever thanks to the fresh and innovative landscaping services Thornbury residents can get from the experts at Nick Bennett’s Garden Life. Having designed and installed exceptional and expressive landscaping for over 20 years our team have the training and the talent to add colour, style, and character to your outdoor environment.

With our knowledge of the impact of our landscaping services the team at Nick Bennett’s Garden Life proudly deliver sustainable solutions as a part of our service.

Having developed our unique style of sustainable landscaping over the past two decades Nick Bennett’s Garden Life proudly deliver a unique and transformative experience from start to finish. Incorporating innovative additions and features into our designs we can bring out the true beauty of our client’s outdoor spaces and environments.

At Nick Bennett’s Garden Life we know actively use a ground-up approach when consulting with our clients, which allows us to customise their landscape to suit their tastes and desires. With our skills and knowledge we can deliver a complete experience that includes:

To consult with our experts about what we can do for your home with our landscaping Thornbury residents and beyond can call us on 0430 970 253.

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